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Susan D'Onofrio Elizabeth Kerwin Charlotte Davis Brent Kueker Brent Kueker Brent Kueker

Susan D'Onofrio
(360) 319-1601

Elizabeth Kerwin
(360) 303-3892

Charlotte Davis
(360) 738-6442

Jillian Froebe
(360) 319-8704

Brent Kuecker
(480) 217-4952

 Luna Way &  Lee Stuber
(360) 303-7964
Susan D'Onofrio Elizabeth Kerwin Ann Rogers Brent Kuecker Brent Kuecker Brent Kuecker

8 Petals Schedule Changes

Charlotte’s classes are cancelled March 27th (Easter) and April 3rd.

Please check Susan’s website for updates and schedule changes.





8 Petals Schedule Changes

8 Petals is looking for qualified teachers. This is a great opportunity for someone to build their own yoga business with low-risk, and low over-head. Please contact Susan for more information.


8 Petals Schedule Changes

New teachers Luna Way and Lee Stuber are teaching Medical Qigong and Mindful Meditation in January.  The time of the Medical Qigong class is 2 pm to 3:30, and the Mindful Meditation class will be 3:30 to 4:30. Classes for both will take place on the following Saturdays: 1/16 & 1/30, 2/13 & 2/27, 3/5 & 3/19, 4/9 & 4/23, 5/7 & 5/21, 6/4 with a workshop at end of June.


They will teach two different forms of qigong: 
8 treasures Qigong and Jade Woman Qigong.


Eight Treasures Medical Qigong
Eight Treasures Medical Qigong is very simple and very powerful -an excellent well-balanced form for your whole body. It strengthens the joints and adds flexibility to the whole body. The Eight Treasures form works with all the organs and the emotions, releasing and balancing the body, mind, and Spirit. Eight Treasures Medical Qigong regulates the Triple Heater (the heating and cooling system in the body); strengthens the lung energy; harmonizes the stomach and spleen; extinguishes fire in the heart; purifies the energy of the liver; balances the seven emotions; strengthens energy of the kidneys; and maintains good health.

Jade Woman Medical Qigong
The Jade Woman Medical Qigong form opens your heart and circulation to your body; opens the lungs to connect to the heart and liver; pulls the bladder up to help control bladder leakage; builds strength in the pelvic floor; builds and sweeps the chi into the heart; awakens and connects the liver; detoxifies the body and reduces weight; removes murky chi from the body which cultivates new cells; cleanses the whole body blood system and fills the body with pure Chi.

Mindful Meditation
Don't just sit there and struggle to meditate!!! Do Mindful Meditation and get the same benefits without beating yourself up because your monkey mind won't leave you alone. Mindful Meditation helps reduce stress, helps control pain and fatigue, helps sustain focus, regulates emotions, attention, self-awareness, depression, and anxiety. Increases compassion for others, and helps with sleep. Mindful Meditation brings Healing Love and a Healing Smile to your whole body for peace, comfort, and nurturing love for yourself and others by transforming negative Chi to positive Chi in the body and mind.



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