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Susan D’Onofrio, an Anusara-Inspired™ Yoga Teacher has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 30 years. She studied many different types of yoga before she discovered Anusara Yoga and believes that Anusara, with its heart-lifting philosophy of seeing the good in everything, allows yoga to be more accessible and enjoyable for beginners as well as long-time students. Susan thinks of yoga as a journey rather than a destination. It’s not about achieving a “goal” it’s the process that delivers the benefits. And the beauty of it is that it requires so little from the beginner….simply having your heart in the right place!


She offers gentle beginner and mixed level classes for those who would like to improve their health, increase their flexibility and enhance their sense of well-being in a non-competitive, nurturing environment. She includes Intermediate poses for those who have been practicing for a while and enjoy more challenge and depth. She enjoys teaching small classes where people feel comfortable. Her approach is gentle, supportive, patient, and enthusiastic.


**Susan will be out of town from 6/13 – 7/4. During this time period her Monday and Thursday classes are cancelled. Kit Muehlman will substitute on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.**



(360) 319-1601 | E-mail Susan

Beginning Level

This level is designed for students new to yoga and students who are still refining the basics. The classes cover breath awareness, simple poses and include lots of individual attention.


Thursday @ 5:30-7 pm | Friday @ 9-10:30 am

Beginning / Intermediate

This level is designed for students who are just starting out and also for those who are ready for more in-depth instruction and more challenging poses. An assortment of poses with simplified modifications and more advanced variations will be taught so that each student can work at a level that is comfortable for them.


Monday @ 9-10:30 am | Wednesday @ 9-10:30 am | Sunday @ 9:30-11 am

Susan’s Class Pricing

Drop In – $15 | Punch Card – $120 for 10 classes


Private Lessons are Also Available

Cassandra Bemish is an extroverted introvert with a lust for life and a passion for travel. She enjoys helping people discover their potential and achieve their goals. She teaches Vinyasa with some laughter, and a focus on alignment. Beginners welcome. You will leave her class feeling rejuvenated and limber.

(360) 969-0756 | E-mail Cassandra

Flow and Grow

60 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga. Each class maintains awareness and focus on the breath while moving through the Sun Salutations and other postures. This style of yoga builds strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind.


Tuesday @ 5:30-6:30 pm

Cassandra’s Class Pricing

Drop In – $15 | Punch Card – $120 for 10 classes

Charlotte Sather Davis, Certifiied Iyengar Yoga Instructor, began studying yoga in 1995, and has taught since 2006. After studying in India in 1998, she concentrated her training in the Iyengar tradition. She has trained with many senior Iyengar teachers including Dean and Rebecca Lerner, Patricia Walden, Joan White, and Janet McLeod. She holds an advanced certification in Relax and Renew Restorative yoga, and is an Introductory I teacher in the Iyengar tradition. From her own experiences in class and in home practice, she has developed techniques to help all body types find ease and stability in the postures. Her compassionate and energetic teaching focuses on yoga as a mode of self-exploration and stress relief. She believes everybody can benefit from, and can truly enjoy the art of yoga.


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(360) 738-6442 | E-mail Charlotte

Mixed Levels Yoga

This class is suitable for a variety of levels. The yoga poses are approached in stages to help increase the depth of understanding as well as flexibility. Modifications and variations are presented for those at different levels of ability. All bodies and dispositions can deeply benefit this pragmatic approach to yoga.



Sunday @ 1-2:30 pm

Charlotte’s Class Pricing

Drop In – $15 | Punch Card – $120 for 10 classes valid for 90 days


Private Lessons are Also Available

Brandis Gunderson MPT, PYT-C, began practicing as a Physical Therapist 15 years ago focusing on working with patients with pain and orthopedic injuries. Over the years she has always felt something was missing in patient care and over the past 5 years has found the missing link, Medical Therapeutic Yoga. This is a holistic approach that looks at a person as a whole verses a diagnosis. Brandis now specializes in the use of Physioga (the combination of physical therapy and therapeutic yoga) with those she works with. It is used to help those who are recovering from injury, chronic pain, and even those who want to start a yoga practice or deepen the one they currently have. Physioga allows for those she works with to experience the healing benefits of PT and yoga in a safe and efficient way. Brandis is the owner of Baker to Bay Physical Therapy and Wellness in Bellingham.

(360) 656-6963 | E-mail Brandis

Intro to Physioga

Physical Therapy Meets Yoga! Series will focus on learning how your body functions holistically, including yoga postures, nutrition education, and meditation. This series will be taught in a workshop format, including education topics and a Physioga movement practice each week.


To Register: Call (360) 656-6963 | Email: E-mail Brandis
Learn More:


Wednesdays beginning June 5 @ 1:00-2:00 pm

Brandis’ Class Pricing

$115 for 6 week session| $29: additional 30 minute private session

Dave Hutchinson has lived and trained in Bellingham for the last seven years.  He learned Ving Tsun from Sifu Matt Johnson at the Ving Tsun Self Defense Academy (VTSDA) in Chicago back in the early and mid 2000’s.

(425) 280-2047 | E-mail Dave

Ving Tsun

Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) is a compact, effective martial art that emphasizes the use of tools and tactics, rather than brute strength and endurance. It is not a boot camp, fitness blast or regimented sport fighting program. It is pure self-defense, designed for anyone of any size, weight or level of strength to have an advantage in a physical confrontation. More importantly, Ving Tsun practice creates a new sense of self-awareness in students and will transform their level of confidence, mindfulness and tolerance in everyday life. 


Monday & Wednesday @  6:30-8:00pm

Daves’s Class Pricing

$50 per month


Private Lessons are Also Available

Kelsey Johnson MLHC, RYT, (she/her/hers) is an advocate for people to feel at home in their bodies. She teaches from a core belief that the kinder people are with themselves, the more connected and kind they are out in the world. Her teaching style invites students to listen and be curious about the physical, mental, and emotional experiences of the yoga practice in order to build awareness, strength, and flexibility in mind, body, and spirit. Kelsey’s deepest hope is that you and your body feel welcomed and celebrated in her classes. She completed her 200-hour training through the Craft of Teaching Yoga in Seattle in 2016 and served as a mentor for this program in 2017. Kelsey was mentored by Leah Adams in 2018 for Yin yoga and she also received Trauma-Informed Yoga training in 2015 and 2018.

Queer Yoga

Kelsey Johnson LMHC, RYT, hosts a community gathering for LGBTQ+ folks.  75 minute slow flow + snacks.  All bodies, all levels welcome.


RSVP: E-mail Kelsey


Classes have moved to an outdoor venue for the summer. Please check back in the Fall.

Kelsey’s Class Pricing

Suggested Donation: $5 – $25

Kirsten Sawyer was originally introduced to yoga in high school by her father to help her improve her surfing, but she has gained so much more from this journey. Kirsten has been practicing yoga for about 6 years. Her favorite poses are dancer’s pose and forearm balance. Kirsten’s passion is to inspire people to nourish, love, and honor their bodies. She grew up near the ocean on the island of O’ahu and has an immense amount of love for everything this planet has to offer us. Kirsten is an adventuring, adrenaline rushing, spunky, vibrant, endlessly exploring yogi.

(808) 489-7692 | E-mail Kirsten

Yoga for Kirsjah

Yoga with Kirsjah is a 60 minute vinyasa-inspired yoga sculpt class. This type of practice incorporates 2 to 5lb. (light) weights, a HIIT style workout, mild cardio, and funky upbeat house music. Students of all levels & practice styles are welcome; modifications are always offered.


Tuesday @ 7-8 pm | Saturday @ 9:30-10:30 am

Kirsten’s Class Pricing

First Class is Free | Drop In – $10 | $45 for 5 classes | $70 for 10 classes


Private Lessons are Also Available