Do you want to feel better? Healthier?  Happier? 

Maybe you want to be less stressed?  Or perhaps you want to increase your strength or flexibility?

Do you have trouble with balance? These are all great reasons to practice yoga.

Come try our Bellingham yoga classes…find one that is just right for you!

Reverse Warrior Pose in 8 Petals Yoga Class Bellingham

Our downtown Bellingham yoga studio offers an assortment of yoga styles and encourage each student to practice at their own level while seeking healthy challenges to further their physical well being and enhance their personal, spiritual  growth.  If you would like to improve your balance or strength, become more flexible, or reduce stress in your life, you will find a class just right for you. We believe that a regular practice can be life-enhancing on many levels.  Our classes are non-competitive and include Anusara, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Gentle Beginner Yoga, Meditation and Ving Tsun. We invite you to try a few!