During this time it is important for us to find ways to stay grounded and do things that feel normal and connected to each other as much as possible. I am offering some live video classes through Zoom. For those of you not familiar with this service, it is a way to practice together in real-time. So you still get to interact with your teacher and participate with your yoga community, in the comfort of your home


It is in this light and with the hope of helping you to stay positive in these challenging times that I am offering these classes. Please scroll down to see how to participate.


Yoga is always a good thing to do for ourselves to stay balanced and healthy in body, mind and spirit, and this is true now more than ever. Not only for ourselves, but for our community! We are all connected.

  • Taking a class online is simple:
    1. Download Zoom onto your computer/laptop/device or phone. Probably best to do this step in advance.
    2. Go to the calendar below. Choose the class you wish to join. Each class has its own link. (Please register at least 10-15 minutes before classes start)
    3. Click on the Pay Now button to pay for your classes. Payment can be made immediately after class if necessary. Or let me know if you want to use your current Punch Card.
    4. Once you join the class you can control your microphone and camera.
    5. Easy!

To pay for Susan’s online classes using your Credit Card please use the button below:

Single Class

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10-Class Punchcard

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Private Class

Please Reserve with Susan in Advance