Susan D’Onofrio, an Anusara-Inspired™ Yoga Teacher has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 30 years. She is also a Certified Engaged Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator. She studied many different types of yoga before she discovered Anusara Yoga and believes that Anusara, with its heart-lifting philosophy of seeing the good in everything, allows yoga to be more accessible and enjoyable for beginners as well as long-time students. Susan thinks of yoga as a journey rather than a destination. It’s not about achieving a “goal” it’s the process that delivers the benefits. And the beauty of it is that it requires so little from the beginner….simply having your heart in the right place!


She offers gentle beginner and mixed level classes for those who would like to improve their health, increase their flexibility and enhance their sense of well-being in a non-competitive, nurturing environment. She includes Intermediate poses for those who have been practicing for a while and enjoy more challenge and depth. Her approach is gentle, supportive, patient, and enthusiastic. Private classes also available. Contact me for appointment info. 


Now offering LIVE classes at Bellingham Yoga Collective and Lynden Yoga Collective as well as Zoom.



(360) 319-1601 | E-mail Susan

Beginning Level

This level is designed for students new to yoga and students who are still refining the basics. The classes cover breath awareness, simple poses and include lots of individual attention.


Thursday @ 5:45-7 pm LIVE at Bellingham Yoga Collective (BYC)

Friday @ 9-10:30 am Zoom



Interested in an online Beginner class specifically for Newbies? This class is designed to make it easy for you to follow along. I will demonstrate all of the poses so that you can see them before you do them. Feel free to sign up even if you do have some experience! Join me on Thursday  mornings 9:00 -10:30. Register at Whatcom Community College. Next session begins July 15, 2021.



Beginning / Intermediate

This level is designed for students who are just starting out and also for those who are ready for more in-depth instruction and more challenging poses. An assortment of poses with simplified modifications and more advanced variations will be taught so that each student can work at a level that is comfortable for them.


Sunday @ 9:30-11 am Zoom or in Cornwall Park (check schedule)

Tuesday @ 9-10:15 am LIVE at Bellingham Yoga Collective





Susan’s Class Pricing

Drop In – $15 | Punch Card – $120 for 10 classes

Please go to Schedule Page for online payment options.

Private Lessons are Also Available